Street Team

Thanx for your interest in joining the Potluck Internet Army and Street Team. If you would like to be part of the movement and help us spread the good news check out the info below:

1. Go to: and put in your email address for the mailing list be sure to check the “Street Team” box. Also you must create a fan account. They will prompt you to do this when you sign up for the mailing list and walk you through the steps it is quick, simple, and free. We will be running ALL of our online promo through reverbnation and awarding prizes for the hardest workers like a custom Potluck Ipod, concert tickets, shirts, bongs, etc…

2. Send an email with your shipping address for promo materials to

3. Last but not least you can always help spread the word online by using the widgets below (also available on, talk about Potluck on all the websites/forums you visit, and by playing the music for as much people as possible.

When Potluck’s new CD comes out there will be plenty of flyers, posters, etc… sent out your way to promote. We also added a printable poster and flyers below for those of you that would like to get started today!!

Welcome to the Movement!!!

Now lets get started!!!

1 Ton and UnderRated

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